Guitar Tales

Robin Hood and His Six String Bow

I was playing a gig in downtown Toronto and having a blast. The energy of the crowd was amazing and I really wanted to give them a show along with my music. I was jumping around and doing my version of Chuck Berry's duck walk and the crowd loved it. You know how it is, you get a reaction and your ego wants you to do more and more for more attention and more reaction. I don't know what made me think of it, but suddenly I grabbed the drummer's spare sticks and placed them like arrows against my guitar strings, tipped the body, and sure enough they did fly. Mind you, not all the way across the room, but some did hit the third and fourth rows of tables. I'm ashamed to admit it was quite stupid and careless. Someone could have been hurt. I suppose I just wanted to showoff and didn't consider the possible consequences. Anyway, I think it was the third “arrow” that broke my bottom E string. That didn't deter me. I flipped the guitar around and started using my top E, which I thought would not only be stonger, but would also give me better range. “Snap!”, it went, and that ended the set. The crowd wanted more, but I didn't have a guitar tech, so I was changing my own strings and didn't want to waste the time and money on such a silly gimmick. johnny

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